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QIAO-AI Elementary School

English / 2019-08-02 / 點閱數: 1814

  • School Vision
  • School History
  • School Environment
  • Education Features
  • School Clubs

School Vision

QIAO-AI Elementary School is an environment filled with love and care, where the teachers teach with lover and the students grow in an environment of love, each with their loving heart loving others and loving themselves.
The whiteness of the white little dove spreading its wings represents purity and honesty. The twig carried in its beak is a sapling symbolizing daily growth. Our students are like this white little dove: their chest filled with ambition, spreading their wings, soaring high toward a future filled with hope.  

Origin of school name 

Our school’s origins date back to the founding of Bade Public School Qiaoao Branch School in 1957. Because our school district consisted only of Qiaoao New Village founded for military veterans and their dependents for which Madame Chiang raised funds abroad out of love for the country. As the money poured in, it was decided to name the veterans village Qiaoao to commemorate the patriotic spirit of its residents and donors. Our school was founded to serve the children of the veterans village, and hence took the name QIAO-AI. At the outset, the pupils were all children from military families.  



School history 

In September 1957, the first six classes were admitted. Originally, classes were accommodated in a building of Bade Public School. The name was changed to Yuanlin Public School Qiaoao Branch School. In June 1958, the school’s new buildings were completed and taken into service. In August 1959 permission was given to incorporate the school as an independent school.

School district 

Our sits along Zhongshan Expressway in between Taoyuan and Daxi. After Qiaoao new Village was built, it also accommodated households from other veterans villages. In addition, the area being a redevelopment area, many new houses were built and the student population gradually increased. As the students population exceeded the capacity of the existing nearby schools, another new elementary school was established in the redevelopment area to keep the student numbers per school within reasonable limits. 


Students’ backgrounds 

During the early years, most of our students came from families from the military village. As times changed, Indigenous and new immigrants in the school district increased in number. These days, we have the highest number of Indigenous pupils among schools in the city, and we are a Plains Indigenous Key School. 

Special education 

Our school has two regular special education classes with two classrooms, and one roaming education class, which serve the districts of Daxi, Fuxing, and Longtan. Under our zero-rejection policy, we provide personalized special education so that all students may receive good education.


Diverse culture 

We integrate cultural diversity into all our subject areas to make the children know, understand, and respect one another. We hold many activities such as the Indigenous Life Experience Camp, song and dance classes, Indigenous Harvest Festival, international carnival, East Asian food festival, in order to expand the school’s learning into the community, make the students part of the global village, and internationalize our school.

Wind music ensemble 

Our school orchestra was founded in 2000 in order to offer our students an environment to study wind instruments. The ensemble performs outstandingly well in competitions and has brought home many prizes. Thanks to corporate sponsorships, disadvantaged students can join the ensemble for free and explore the world of music on a par with their peers.


Soccer team 

Our soccer team was established in 2003 and always does very well in matches. We are one of the Soccer Key Schools in Taoyuan. Over the many years since the foundation of the team, some of its earliest members have already joined professional teams in other countries, while some others represent Taiwan in the international arena, bringing glory to our land. 



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